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Thursday, April 11, 2013

March of the Entwives

Lord of the Rings fans will recognize Ents like Treebeard, but movie watchers may not know about the Entwives

This fantastic design by Michelle DuNaier might be something the Entwives would wear on their march through the forest to find new fields for planting...

Another project using Wolle's Yarn Creations color changing cotton, and I must say to dramatic effect with this pattern!

I used 1,160 yards of yarn and No 6 czech glass beads over several rows in the edging.  The original pattern called for leaf shaped trim at the bottom edge, but I had trouble keeping them in shape and I thought they might be a snag hazard.  (Yes, I am always worried about my tendency to bump into things.  :oP) 

Anyway, I finished the edge with a row of chains and beads, which I think turned out really lovely.

This shawl is available on Etsy - Just for Fun 2291
(Treebeard and Fimbrethil Reunited)
‘Tis many years and seasons past, since I saw your face,
Walked beneath the woods and felt the strength of your embrace.
Still deep within my heart I treasure, never to forget
Those memories of happy times, though tinged now with regrets.

Yes, I know that it was I who left and went away
Though you begged me change my mind and in the woods to stay.
We two had different paths to travel, oaths we must fulfill;
Yes, I left you long ago, but it was not my will.

Now Middle Earth’s Third Age is ending, much we treasure lost.
My sisters and I ask each other, was it worth the cost?
I’ve travelled long to find you here, deep in Fangorn Wood,
Leave behind sad memories, recall again the good.

So let us bravely march once more, by root and bark, my friend
Although we know for Ent and Entwife this will be the end.
We’ll sing together all the songs we knew and loved the best,
Bid farewell to Middle Earth and march into the West.

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools!

Well, we've done it... no foolin'.  My daughter Amanda has partnered with me to offer some of my projects on Etsy.

Right now we have a few cool (literally and figuratively) shawls, made from cotton or sugar cane yarn.  Trust me, I'm in Arizona, I know cool.  :oP

In fact, I wore my love knot sugar cane shawl yesterday... it was so nice!  Nothing shades you better than something cool and slinky.  lol

I've also started a new Ravelry group called Just For Fun - Crochet Q&A.  It's a comfortable low-key space for crocheters with questions to ask and answer.  If you crochet, I hope to see you there!

I've been in LOVE with the color changing cotton yarn I got from Wolle's Yarn Creations

You've seen Arizona Sunrise and It's Full of Stars... the green one above as well as this flirty red one are both from the same Michele DuNaier pattern inspired by Downton Abbey.

The green shawl is full sized, but the red one is the shorter shawletter version, which makes a perfect scarf or cowl.

Did I mention they are both available on Etsy?  ;o)

I made a couple other projects with this amazing yarn as well.

First is the Mary Poppins scarf I have wanted for some time. I'm not sure why I was waiting really, until the PERFECT cotton yarn showed up and I knew it was time.

The pattern is a relatively simple "v" stitch, which lets the color changes in the yarn shine.
I also tried an experiment using two skeins of the same color changing yarn, one worked dark end first, the other worked light end first.  It might be better in another colorway, but I like the effect!
Otherwise, I've been working on toys for the treasure box.  Such small projects, but they bring a lot of joy.  Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside to make and share them.  I hope you find joy in making and sharing too!