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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Steampunk Parasol

My friend Steampunk Addie has some great adventures!  I made a vortex of time parasol for her a while back... but it's not big enough for her Momma or Sister to share.

So... I used this Steampunk Parasol pattern from Ira Rott to make a slightly larger one.

The pattern has a great chart and is easy to follow.  I used almost an entire ball of Curio size 10 crochet thread in black, about 675 yards.

One of the frames I picked up in a vintage lot was this "magic wand" stick handle.  It came with a silver wrist chain that showed how tiny wrists were when the umbrella was made... because there's no way I'm getting my wrist in there! 

Here's what it looked like before sewing it to the frame...  it's amazing what a good stretch will do.

I'm already plotting the next one.  If you want to see more of my parasols, just use 'parasol' in the search box.  They are addictive!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

You Must Be a Weasley!

Harry Potter fans know that being a Weasley means ginger hair and second hand robes... but is also means the kind of warm family craziness that comes from being around people you love.

In particular, Molly Weasley takes charge in an "it's ok to be who we are" sort of way, never apologizing for the second hand robes, even when Ginny's jumper was last seen on the cat.

I've been a bit retrospect about Moms lately... my Mom passed away a couple of weeks ago.  It seems fitting then, that my crochet project this week should be "Mom" related!

Yes, Michele DuNaier has done it again... written a wonderful shawl pattern that connects to our favorite characters in a fun way with Ginny's Patronus Cloak.

Inspired by Molly's scrappy sleeves... frugal Molly has a way of never letting anything go to waste, including yarn.  I used 2,457 yards of sport weight yarn for this beauty.  The final ruffled row has 4, 225 stitches.  Whew!  What a great effect and a fun design!