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Monday, September 19, 2011

Crochet basics - stitches

My one page reference for crochet stitches.  If you have a question, let me know!

I personally find I have more control holding my crochet hook like a pencil.  Here's the difference between the 'pencil hold' and the 'knife hold':

Basic stitches (US):

 Foundation chain (ch):

Foundation row in back ridge of chain:
Slip stitch (ss):

Single crochet (sc):

Single crochet increase (sc inc):

Single crochet decrease (sc dec):

Invisible increase/decrease:

Half double crochet (hdc):

Double crochet (dc):

Triple crochet (tr):



Yarn color changes:

Starting a circle:

Magic Circle:

Other helpful information:


  1. oh this is coooooool!!! I will show it to Ruchi. I was having the hardest time teaching her crochet. She did pick up, but I think she will love these videos. I could teach her jewelry easily. I guess crochet is too new to me to be able to teach anyone. lol!

  2. Please do! I have a few more I need to get posted... but I will continue to add to this page so we can all bookmark it and find everything here.

  3. Yeah, put a link to this post on the right column of your blog. Or you could create a link list on the right called "Crochet video tutorials", and keep adding the posts there. It'll be very very useful!

  4. I love these videos. Made learning super easy. Thank you