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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Huzzah Hufflepuff! (Quidditch!)

This week marks the start of quidditch season at the House Cup.  Since I'm playing for Hufflepuff this term, I decided to get in the spirit of things.

I made a set of quidditch fan accessories in Puff yellow and black and then Steve helped me with this 'rabid fan' photo.  Great, right?

I enjoyed coming up with the colorwork chart for the hat, but kept the fingerless mittens stripey. 

I also tried a traditional origami coin purse.

It actually worked pretty well as I made the foundation chain the diagonal folding line (since folding is what foundation chains like to do naturally).


The coin purse is really a cube that is missing the 6th plane on the top... like an open box. Each of the 4 sides is folded diagonally in order to allow the sides to collapse in on each other, making the final object a flat square... see what I mean? 

It was fun to play with yellow and black, but it was also fun to make these sushi scarves.  Twinkie Chan has an imaginative eye for foodie fashion!

These scarves have a lot of small pieces though so as cute as they are, I worry a little about wear and the yarn ends popping out...   we'll see.

I'll be back soon with my quidditch projects and my latest TriWizard Tournament task soon.

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  1. Hey you!!! I just had to tell you that, as I was doing searches for house hats to check official colors, your Hufflepuff hat came up under the search!!! I knew right way it was yours! :)