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Sunday, September 25, 2011

I've been a busy chipmunk!

Look!  It's a bird... it's a plane... it's SuperNick!

My favorite nephew turns 21 tomorrow, and being as weird as I am, I couldn't just buy him the traditional first legal beer.  No, I had to remind him of his early childhood when he wore a Superman cape every day under his clothes - you know, just in case.

As you can see, this cape will pull double duty.  When not saving the planet, Nick will be able to nap in peace and comfort.

Steve laughed so hard when i showed him this next pattern, I had to make one for him. 

It's a reversible hat, where one side tucks into the other depending on whether he is feeling naught or nice!  We'll see who pays attention when hockey starts next week.
I made a few things for me as well... the dragon scale gauntlets I thought would be just for Potter-y fun are actually comfortable.  I'll be making a matching bag and hooded cowl in October.

I really want it to be cold so I can wear my new Little Green Riding Hood.  What can I say, I don't wear a lot of red!  It has a great cabled edging too.

I'm also working on a few items I hope Christy and Andrew might be able to use in their respective classrooms... with a few more ideas up my sleeve as well.

Andrew loves space... but teaching kindergarten this year means he probably won't be able to delve into it as much as he might like.  Hopefully this model of the solar system will fit in to his classroom decor and always remind him "To Boldly Go".  I'm still working on the Jedi knights for his desk.
Christy loves ancient cartoon characters.  I hope this mischievous pair brings some holiday cheer to her classroom.  I'm working on items to replace the pumpkin once the season changes again!


  1. Rebecca sent me this great comment:

    "what a great gathering of knitted funness! I absolutely love all these projects and how they exemplify a new take on knitting - not just for scarves and boring hats. love +++ the sense of humor in your projects. and that cape!!! that is a loooot of knitting! superman would be proud (and very warm while flying through the nightskies with lois ;) )

    hugs, rebecca"

  2. I agree! I am all about having FUN with my projects. Not that I don't have my share of boring hats and scarves :oP but I definitely enjoy bringing smiles.

  3. Oh I love them all! Especially the reversible cap! LMAO!!!!! I love your green riding hood picture. Very arty :-). Btw, I don't know if Natasha told you, but yesterday she wore that triangular shawl you had sent us...the very "hole-y" one. Remember? She wore that to school, and it was a HUGE hit!! With kids, AND their art teacher! LOL!!! Her art teacher made her stand up and show it to her...she said she'll get one too. Natasha wore it in a way (I didn't see how), that had it tied behind her or something like that...and that style was a hit as well. One of her friends made her take it off and give it to her so she could wear it today. LOL!!

  4. :oP That is so cool about Natasha and the shawl! Yes, there are so many ways to tie it and wear it... they are not just for old ladies anymore. lol

    They are basically just big triangles... You both could make them!

  5. Oh today she wore the lavender poncho you made...the one I thought looked like a skirt? And her art teacher called her, "Girl with cool ponchos". LOL! This one was appreciated by her friends too. Just that the shawl was a huge huge hit!

  6. She looked so cute in the lavender. I think I like her art teacher. lol