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Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's a puzzler!

I'm so proud of my daughter Christy and her husband Andrew... they each have their first classrooms as new teachers this year.  It's the beginning of a lot of things for both of them personally and professionally.

You may recall that I made a couple of things for their classrooms, and I've made a couple more.

This Amish Puzzle Ball might be my favorite.  It's made in three identical pieces.  If you put them together in just the right way, they make a ball.  A fairly cool 'sturdy enough to play with' ball.
The puzzle part may seem simple at first, but it's made most people stop and think for a minute or two.  I'm hoping it will be a fun addition.

The next puzzler is one we've all seen at some point and I think may have even been the inspiration for the more complicated Rubik's Cube (if I remember).  I got the pattern from Wooly Thoughts - a cool site full of math based patterns.  You should check it out!
The toy is made of blocks attached to each other in such a way that you can manipulate the shape and colors.

You can basically turn it inside out by changing the cube into a rectangle and back into a cube!


It's one of those things that you just can't put down... even though there's no real mystery to it.  :oP

I've also been busy crafting things for the House Cup on Ravelry.  Oh who am I kidding, I'm always busy crafting things for the House Cup!  I love that I can crochet whatever I feel like crocheting, and then make up a story about how it fits the class assignment. 

These slipper socks for my Mom became Charms and Defense Against the Dark Arts homework.  Everyone knows how Dumbledore loves warm socks!

Lastly, I made this crocodile/scale stitch hood to match the gauntlets I made last month.  I wasn't sure how I would like it, and I haven't had a chance to wear it outside yet... but I think I like the idea of a cowl (round scarf) that will cover my head when I need it.

What do you think?


  1. Thanks! I guess I need to get outside soon to give it a good test run...

  2. From Rebecca:

    hoping the school year is going well for your dd and herdh how exciting! i love that youare ccrafting things for their rooms those two toys are really neat - thanks for idea - might make one of each for a friend who’ having a baby your hood looks warmand comfy - hsould be a great addition to your winter accessories

    you really do the neatest things with your hook!

  3. Thanks!

    I'd suggest the puzzle ball because it has great nooks and crannies for little ones to grab. The octopush will probably too easily torn apart for little hands. ;o)

  4. Yayyyy!! Congratulations Christy and Andrew!! And those pieces you made for the classroom are soooo pretty!!