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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Always Wear Sunscreen

Remember that "song" from Baz Luhrman Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)?  The one based on an essay written by Mary Schmich?  You know...

Well... I have problems with sunscreen.  All the other ingredients they throw in there to make it smell nice or feel creamier.  I have to rely on physical sunblocks... my BareMinerals, glasses, hats, and now these amazing sun shields!

This Filigree Sunshield pattern is in the 2013 issue of Interweave Crochet, Accessories. 

Oh, you noticed the crazy handle there, eh?  It's an old bakelite (?) one-eyed parrot.  What can I say? I'm in my Pirate/Mary Poppins phase.
Basically, you make a doily and sew it to an umbrella frame.  I couldn't find empty frames anywhere so I searched online for vintage umbrellas with cool handles and removed the old fabric.  Here are my projects to be named later!

I also managed to help Ginny Weasley with one for Steampunk Addie.

This week I am working on a Purple Flower shaped parasol with many more in line, so watch this space!



  1. These sun shields look very nice! However, I still recommend using sunscreen lotion. Have you tried an all natural sunscreen? You might have problems with a majority of sunscreens because of all of the chemicals they have in them. A natural sunscreen for body that uses Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide instead of harmful chemicals might give you better results. They aren't known to irritate skin and they can actually make your skin healthier in addition to protecting you from harmful UV rays.

    1. Yes, when I referred to "my Bare Minerals" above I meant my Bare Minerals sunscreen. It's powdered titanium and zinc oxides, providing a physical barrier... but no lotion.

      I couldn't possibly use the product you link because of the soy and other ingredients... but I sure appreciate the thought!