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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Time flies when you're having fun!

Apparently, when I said "I'll be back" I meant "in a really really long time". 

2013 was a tough year for me medically speaking.  Soon after posting about my TARDIL last May, summer came upon me with a vengeance.  There was quite a list of issues in 2013, but with the exception of a couple of enforced breaks I was still able to crochet.

Here's a parade of my favorites, you can find them on Ravelry in more detail:

Chanson du Printemps
Downton Abbey Shawlette

Hogwarts Tote

Fritillary Shawl
... and a close up of that fantastic beaded edging!
Miss Bennet's Walking Shawl

Ayla Sweater
Happy Hippo
Lainey Monkey
Texture Jacket - who knew this would be so comfortable?
And this one!  The Eldorado Jacket aka 'blanket with sleeves"
Sugar Sparkles Shawlette
Outta Sight
Easy Wrapper - button different ways for different looks
Love is a Rose


  1. Dang gurl!! After 4 blankets last winter, I'm struggling with the enthusiasm to finish ONE this year!
    Well done on all of your projects!

    1. Thanks Dana!

      I think changing it up and doing lots of different kinds of projects helps me with enthusiasm drag. lol That, and I only do blankets by special request - they take *forever* and I have a short attention span... it's got to take less than a week! :oP

    2. I'm a speed demon *lol!* My full size bedspread only took me 3 weeks! But methinks that was my problem. I crocheted EVERY spare moment - which meant every morning when I got up and every evening after work. Now, I'm seriously itching to break out my sewing machine and get busy quilting.