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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The World Needs More Love Letters

I am so excited to find MLL… I’ve been preparing for it for some time now and just realize it.
As a teen, I was involved in a group where we wrote letters of love and encouragement during retreat weekends.  At the end of each retreat, people told me how much they appreciated my letters and that it gave them the encouragement they needed at just the right time.  Later on, I became an adult sponsor for that same group and wrote more letters and received more great responses.  It felt good to know I helped someone.
As a result, I began to look for other ways to change the world.  Not big I can change the nuclear weapons policy in far away countries ways, but in little I can help this person through this crisis ways, I can surprise that struggling family with a holiday basket, I can volunteer my time, effort and friendship.  I believed that if the Universe brought a situation to my attention, it was my responsibility to do something about it.
I soon realized that those *are* the big ways, and that the Universe knows what’s it’s doing.
In recent years, I have been spending a lot of time at home for health reasons.  I spend a lot of sleepless nights crocheting for babies I will never meet, charities, grandkids, and projects simply for the pleasure of making them (and will be posting soon!).  I enjoy it very much, but miss volunteering and interacting directly with people. Last year at LeakyCon (like ComiCon but for Harry Potter fans) I bought several quills and inks and papers… just because I thought they were beautiful.  Later I bought a bag full of note cards… just because I thought they were beautiful.  I thought... I have time on my hands, I’ll just write to people I know and enjoy these wonderful things.  But they’ve been sitting on my shelf until today.
Why today?  Today I took the time to click on karmatube, which took me to Random Acts of Kindness which took me to the 2013 Kindness Challenge Winner, which finally landed me at... you guessed it... More Love Letters.
I immediately wrote letters for all the current requests, and bookmarked the page so I can check back often.  What a fantastic way for me to reach out into the world and connect with people who need a little love.
Well played, Universe, well played.

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