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Friday, March 7, 2014

The Purple Flower Parasol

I am having so much fun with these parasols!

This one was a challenge for two reasons, the frame I wanted to use has 10 ribs (most of the vintage frames I bought online have 8), and my friend Swati, The Purple Flower, gets migraines so this one needed to be a bit more opaque.

Why does the number of ribs matter?  Only that my "everything must match" frame of mind thinks it looks better.  I want a pattern I can evenly sew to the ribs.  In this case, five petals.

There aren't many patterns out there for sun shades, so I had to get creative!  I started to flip through all my old vintage (1940's) doily patterns.  Who says doilies are out of style?!I found this one with five "solid" petals and I knew this was the one!  I used this pattern from the center to the ends of the petals, lengthening them to match the size of the frame.

Then I did a few mesh rounds to adjust the total stitch count to the number I needed to do a few rows of the edging I like so much from the Filigree Sunshield.

Rather than using two shades of purple, I decided to use beads to outline the petals.  I love the effect.  I also added beads to a row in the edging, Why not use 'em, right?

I love how the central flower "tops it off" so nicely, and echoes the larger flower and leaves. 

Overall, I think it worked rather well, what say you?



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