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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"I'm on vacation!"

I have no exciting projects to show you today.  My aforementioned lilac beach inspired tote is crocheted, but I have yet to line it with the Little Mermaid material that has been sitting there for two weeks now. Since we had a cold snap I started an acrylic blanket for myself.  (I still love my Wool-Ease blankets, but my allergies are such at the moment that I cannot use them.)

We had a great weekend with friends visiting and then Steve and I were off work last week.  Unable to travel, we were actually able to spend some time just hanging out together.  It was so enjoyable!  We actually had time to talk with each other and do things like go to the local zoological sanctuary to talk with Cassie the Tiger - it just took the staff explaining what the different sounds meant for us to understand her. I took a bit of video with my phone of her saying hello, but of course I've no idea how to post it here.  I did learn that if you wear beige (like the staff does) all the animals greet you warmly, because they think you are carrying their breakfast!

We had a scary movie marathon day... well actually mini series day because we always have to start with Stephen King's "It".... and finally got Steve over to OliveU Naturally, a store that sells nothing but naturally flavored olive oils and balsamic vinegars.  Makes me hungry just to think about it and Steve enjoyed taste testing. 

We stayed up late and slept in (8am!) and did not get any of the chores done that we had on our list.  Oh well, that's what vacation is all about! 

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  1. That is indeed what vacations are all about... sounds perfect (though I'm sorry to hear your allergies are still playing up!)