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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Very Potter Project

I can't help but sing "and that's how they became the Potter Bunch!".   I really can't help it!

I've had  a basic wizard toy pattern in my queue for a while and finally got the perfect opportunity to make them.  (One of the problems in making cute little things is where to put them all!)

They all use the same pattern, with a few adjustments to customize each character.  I made wands out of flat toothpicks colored with brown marker.  For crocheters - I used the 'wizard with short hair' pattern but omitted the hat for most and replaced it with three round of  basic circle increase (6-12-18 scs)

And now, the parade...  Harry and Hedwig!  You can just barely see the scar at his hairline and his tie is askew.  If you want to make Hedwig, check out this page.

Harry's best buddy is Ron Weasley.  The Weaseys are known for their ginger hair.  His tie is also askew (boys!).

Next is the brains of the trio, Hermione Granger.  Hermione's tie is definitely not askew.  :oP  However, she was known for her bushy uncontrollable hair.  I've added an oval jump ring 'clip' at her temple as fans of the movies may recognize.

While I tried to stick with the main characters, I could not resist making Luna Lovegood - especially since the recipient of these dolls dressed as Luna last Halloween.  Luna's known for her long blond hair but also for being a bit quirky, so I made a nargle charm necklace for her.

The nargle charm in the story is a butterbeer cork.  Here, it is a coiled jewelry finding.

The other character I just HAD to make is Professor Minerva McGonagall.  In many instances, she's the glue that hold Hogwarts and the story together.  I used another jewelry finding as her brooch.

I would have loved to have Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore as a teacher.  Of course, I would have done just about anything to attend Hogwarts in general!  I'm sure you see a pattern here of my using jewelry bits and pieces as details, but I think the beard tie might be my favorite.

Of course Professor Severus Snape spent his time between Dumbledore and Voldemort, and this blog is no different!  It's hard to see in the photo, but he has white cuffs at the bottom of those sleeves.

Voldemort was the easiest doll to crochet, but also the hardest... because his most identifiable feature is that he has no identifiable features.  :oP  So, I decided he needed to have Nagini with him.

But Nagini can slither away if she wants to!

I can see this pattern would work for all the other characters as well, the Death Eaters (including the Malfoys), the rest of the Order of the Phoenix, the Weasley family.  Oh the possibilities!


  1. You get cooler each day! I have a question...you create so much, where do you store them all? And they are so cute all of these....they should be seen :-))).

  2. Ah, therein lies the rub! So I don't. lol Many times I keep the idea in mind until I find someone who wants one, I ask them to buy the yarn and take full possession once I have my photos.

    That way, they get something fun for the price of the yarn... and I get the challenge of making them, the fun of sharing them, and the added benefit of not having a houseful of them! :oP

    This particular set is destined to be a gift for Christy's neighbor.

  3. Oh! That makes sense! Will you make one of those cocoon things for Ruchi's coming baby? I know they are not useful, but she wants something for posing for cute pictures. LOL! But her baby will be born in June...so what kind of yarn/thread should I send you? Don't want the baby to roast.

  4. Sure... is there a particulr color or theme you think best?

    It depends on the pattern we choose, but I think 100% cotton is probably best. I'll send you some links.