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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

If it's Tuesday, I must be wheezy.

What day is this?  My word, it all runs together sometimes.  But I can tell it's Tuesday by how I feel.  My allergies are the worst in the middle of the week.  That's because on Friday I get a medication boost that's wearing off about now.  It's fun on Saturday because I can run around doing fun things, no fun on Sunday because I am recovering from Saturday, and by Tuesday I am looking forward to the Friday boost again.  Sheesh.

This week though I did have yarn fun!  Saturday was World Wide Knit in Public Day.  The local group of Prescott Knitters had a booth at the Farmers' Market, so I joined them.  It was fun to see everyone's projects and chat with shoppers passing by.   I also got to see some old friends which was very nice.

I thought these vegetable market bags would be appropriate projects for the day and had a lot of fun with them.  The mesh bag is hidden inside until you are ready to fill it up!  I even had someone ask me to make her a tomato bag without the mesh part. 
Because we're winding down for the end of the month with my Ravelry groups, I am trying to finish up some of the yarn left lying around after other projects. 

Along with the dragon hat at the top, I made this light and summery garden hat and scarf - so soft! I was amazed at how much yarn was in this skein because I already made a pair of fingerless mitts for my friend Greta, and still had enough for the hat and scarf.

My grandson Topher came up on Sunday for a quick visit so I whipped up the blue baby dragon he had asked me for (thanks for the photo Christy!).  It was fun to see his face when he saw the dragon sitting on our table.  He knew right away it was the one he asked for, and named him fluffer-somethingorotherthatchangeseachtimeyouask.

I also made the minion beanies Christy and I had laughed about.  Two grandsons = two minions, right?

Last, but definitely not least, I've been working on items for Steampunk Addie.  I'll post photos next week when she comes by for a visit and can model for us!


  1. Sorry to hear the cycle you go through with your allergies, but glad to hear you do get to enjoy Saturdays so much! What a lot you've been making, as usual :)

  2. Thanks Amanda... you know it's bad when I don't even bother to take pictures of everything. :oP

  3. Steampunk Addie is rubbing her hands together in antici- (say it!) pation!

    (Love the hat and scarf, too!)

  4. Woohoo! Once we're sure the fit is ok and yarn changes are done, we'll have some accessorizing to do, buttons/beads, etc. which ought to be fun!