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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Steampunk Addie is a real doll!

You may remember my friend Steampunk Addie...

For those that don't, she and I recently shared a Horcrux Adventure as a part of my HPKCHC homework assignments.  There were eight classes, so I made 7 horcruxes, and some outfits for Addie.

The last time I made doll clothes was about 40 years ago, with a tiny old hand cranked sewing machine a neighbor gave me.  they were bad.  To be honest, these aren't much better to the critical eye, but Addie finds a way to pull them off.

My original objective was to make a bathing costume for her inspired by not only the costumes of her time (1864) but Mrs. Lovett by the sea.
I couldn't find a single pattern that seemed to accomplish this, but Greta (Addie's Momma) found several patterns that had pieces of what we were looking for.

In order to familiarize myself with the patterns, I made a couple of practice outfits.  First was the funky Black, White and Red All Over.

This one ended up fitting the best, so I was pleased in the end.  I swear my daughter Christy wore this outfit as a kid in 1987!

Next was a nautical themed victorian dress.  The original is white with navy details, but since this was for practice, I chose plum and black.

There is a lot of material in that dress!  I think it would be ok if it weren't so heavy... but its too big and gravity takes it's toll.  They are hard to see in the photo but there are also matching boots under there.
I made an anti-gravity belt to help her hold that heavy skirt in place.  Pretty cool, eh?  I might have to make one in my size, I will be saving pull tabs for a very long time.  :oP

Finally, I was ready to try to put them all together.  I added double ruffles to the pants, red underneath and stripes on top, shortened the sleeves, and left a little peephole for when Addie wants to show off her tummy, recently autographed by Wil Wheaton, boy genius from Star Trek NG.

I was very pleased with myself for some of the 'hardware'.  In particular, the focal point button reminds me of old diving bell helmets.  I also gave her a pirate medallion on her ankle.

I have to ponder the need for additional beads on the sleeves.  Will all that brass make her to heavy to swim?!

While I ponder, Addie is not so patiently waiting for her turn at the computer.  I wonder what she has to say about all of this?


  1. I am totally at a loss as to who "Steampunk Addie" is... can you perhaps ask her to share her story in another blog post so that I can "get to know her"?

    Love the clothes though - great job!

  2. In the first line, her name is a link to her own blog "The Adventures of Steampunk Addie". I've changed that link to go to her first "Meet Addie" post instead of the most recent post.

    She's a blend of the American Girl doll 'Addy' (who has her own story from the period of American Civil War) and her Momma's (Greta!) love for steampunk (the age of brass, steam, and time machines).