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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bits and pieces...

The end of the month often means the end of my yarn stash... or should I say the need to finish up the ends of the yarn I started earlier in the month (before I open the new stuff!).

To that end, there is a never ending parade of hats and blanket squares, including these wacky rainbow skulls.  While I'm not certain than the rainbow was a good choice, it was a fun hat to make.  I thought rainbows and skulls would be funny together... and the hat is great in person, from a slight distance, but you can't see the pattern well close up.

 Next on my list was a crocheted necklace.  I have a lot of beads in my stash as well, and I thought this was a great way to use the stone chips I had left over from other projects like this dream tree

I used metallic thread to crochet the chain that connects the stones.  Simple really,  thread all the stones on first then start crocheting...  for this aventurine necklace I crocheted a three chain stitches,  moved a stone up, crocheted three more chain stitches, on and on to the desired length.  Tie a knot, add jewelry hardware, and there you go! 
I also added an octopus pendant to this one because the color of the stones reminds me of beach glass.

I made a couple of them while I was at it and will definitely be making more!
I began a larger project this week as well.  It's the luscious luxury yarn I splurged on during the Yarn Tour.  It's soooo soft, and sparkly, and light, and amazingly wonderful.  You'll just have to wait for finished photos next week!


  1. Good... cause it's for you! ;o)

  2. I love crocheting wire with beads... I do very similar to you (although sometimes 4 or 5 chains between the chips) and make 3 or 4 lengths (longer than they need to be) in either the same stone or complementary ones, and then plait them all together before adding the clasps... it just makes a slightly "chunkier" necklace :)

    My first and favourite combination was turquoise and garnet. I don't know what made me think of putting the two together, but I did and it worked and it was the very first necklace I ever sold too! I then made a gentle one for Tim's mum rose quartz and a pale green whose name I completely forget! You've inspired me to combine my crochet craze right now with my beads again ready for an upcoming sale I'm having :)

  3. They sound lovely!!! You should definitely add some to your sale.

    I tried crocheting wire a while back but it drove me crazy and the metallic thread is easier on my fingers (and my neck!). :oP

  4. Oh I love these necklaces you have made!

  5. Thanks Swati... you should give it a try!