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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Gathering leaves... a shawl story

Shawls are for old ladies right?  Miss Marple was always knitting something fluffy and pink for someone. 

Or are they for cowboys? The Man With No Name always wore one... he just called it a 'poncho'.

Or possibly Gallagher (the comic) who used to do both, be a cowboy AND a lady at a party?  (It's all in the elbows.)

Ponchos were hugely popular when I was a kid in the 70's.  They're really just a blanket with a hole in the top for your head (just ask my grandson!).

I am 7 years old in this photo I'm a little upset here because it's really cold and I just slipped on the ice.  Everyone else is still sitting in the car and my Mom is taking the picture with the window rolled down.  What can I say, I wanted a picture of the snow.

A few weeks ago I made a short version called a shrug out of some really great soft and sparkly yarn.  There will be more of this easy style in my future.

But, it was time to challenge myself a bit and make something more traditional.  Turns out, it might be my most favorite of all!

I know!  I am SO not a 'lace' person.  This pattern is called "Gathering Leaves" and it captivates me for some reason.  Perhaps it is the green fluttery leaves outside my office window.  Perhaps it is the hint of autumn leaf gathering and cooler temperatures it conjures in my mind.

I used over 2,200 yards of sport weight yarn instead of lace weight for this baby, and added a repeat of the small leaf pattern to make it a bit larger.  It ended up about 5 feet long down the center, and has a 'wingspan' of 9 feet.  That might sound outrageous, but trust me, for a six footer, it's perfect snuggle size.

Here's a better view of some of the details...

 Hmmm... if I can do this, I probably could do that tablecloth pattern from the 1930's. 

Yeah, right.

Maybe a white poncho with red flowers... it's been such a long time.


  1. WOW! Now that's a project and a half! It's lovely and perfectly you, nevermind the lacelike quality of it ;)

  2. Thanks Amanda... I thought you might appreciate this leafy pattern!