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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Silver and gold... and hot cocoa

Just thinking about Rudolph and his friends makes you feel warm and fuzzy, right?

It's an amazing thing - how a thought can whisk you back to childhood.  In my pjs, carefully carrying my smiley face mug full of hot cocoa to sit on the green plaid carpet (seriously!) while Mom finished making the popcorn... not even minding that I have to sit by my little brother for the duration of the show; knowing that if we missed a single moment of the show, we would have to wait a WHOLE YEAR to see it again.

Or back to being a young mother, trying to set the same kind of scene for my daughters - but not being quite as special with the advent of VHS and being able to watch whenever we wanted.

Some things just stay with you, and for my generation Rudolph is something that will forever tie us together, along with Charlie Brown's depressing christmas tree.  So, when I was making christmas hats for a group of friends - it's only natural I thought of Rudolph.  (Can you imagine the Peanuts as hats? :oP)

I hope the hats bring some cheer... and I hope they don't typecast poor Andy as Yukon Cornelius with his red beard (although it IS perfect - come on, for Mom!).
The most difficult one to make was the tree.  It has to be dense enough to stand on it's own, which is hard to do with yarn.  It's a modified berry pie pattern for those who have seen my pie-ret.  Here's what it looks like flat out so you can see the bottom of the hat. 

Crazy, huh?

Here are more photos of the rest.  I think Sam the Snowman still looks a little scary though... those eyes of coal follow me when I walk by!


  1. Is it possible to get the instructions for these? they are so adorable.


    1. Thanks! The tree is a pattern I found on ravelry.com, but I do not have instructions for the other characters. They are all basic beanies with color changes or separate pieces sewn on after.

      For example, the Abominable Snowman is a basic beanie with a a strand of white yarn and a strand of white fun fur with pieces worked separately for the face.

      if you haven't done impromptu projects like this, I highly suggest it. It's a lot of fun, and they don;t have to be perfect replicas of the character to get the point across!