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Monday, February 27, 2012

Epic hats of Epicness...

I'm not sure why I find these hats so funny.  The silliness of wearing a fish on your head? My memories of the giant carp in the pond by the entrance to the Phoenix Zoo?  The practicality of using up bits of leftover yarn in a fun way?

I made this group of hats, and, well, Steve and I decided we needed to keep the green and purple ones.  :oP

I gave the red and orange ones to Christy on Saturday, after teasing her about epic hats for a week.  So without further ado, here is the parade of fish!

(My son-in-law is such a good sport!)


  1. SooooooooSoOOOOOOOO great!! HAHAAHHA We love ours!!

  2. Don't the boys look great? lol

  3. Well, it WILL be fun to have fish on our heads! LOL!! I LOVE That yellow one!!! The yellow, grey and white one. Such a happy happy happy cap!!

  4. That one really cracks me up too... with it's little mustache. I think Andrew wears it well!