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Friday, May 25, 2012

May Flowers

Riddle me this... if April showers bring May Flowers, what do May Flowers bring?

For now, let's deal with the flowers.  This rosy shawl is made out of cotton thread.

It's hard to see in this first photo, but all along the edge, there are crocheted flowers... the main reason I wanted to try this pattern. 

I wasn't sure I'd like the triple crochet body, but the cotton gives it a good feel.

I also crocheted a Jane Austen Shawl this week... really more of a stole in it's long rectangular shape. Great for the shoulders or wrapping in a variety of styles. This yarn is a cotton/linen blend. The linen should help keep that lacy structure.

It's 'blocking' in this photo... washed and stretched out on rubber mats to dry nice and flat with all the stitches spread out.  Those of you who have seen this room, know that this means the shawl is about 9 feet long!

My pride and joy of the week might be my personal favorite.  A while back I saw a knitting pattern with Stargate glyphs, and have been wanting to use them ever since. 

Each band has all 14 glyphs, but I rotated the second band so that all 14 glyphs were visible from each side.

I might need to go shopping so I can use it.  :oP

I made CarsLand bags for Christy, Amanda and myself... those are real Lightyear tires as buttons. 

But, don't tell my grandsons we had to sacrifice Lightning McQueen to get them!

I'm working on a Minnie bag and a Tink bag for Christy's nieces who we hope will be joining them at Disneyland in June.

Otherwise, the month of May was filled with various socks, bags, scarves, and gloves.

Oh, all right, I'll show you my favorite pair of socks - I guess when I am an old woman, I'll wear purple, and blue and red and, well, you get the idea.

Oh, by the way... the answer to the riddle?  Pilgrims!  Mayflowers bring pilgrims.  What, you don't remember 3rd grade? :oP


  1. thsi is great, Mom. Not only am I looking forward to June(Megan and I shared a jumping moment this pm), but I just finished my year with a student who was complicated and quite a challenge who happened to LOVE pilgrims.. " In 1620, a ship in the harbor from Plymouth, England was crowded and taking on passengers..." . He read/recited this every morning with me.. yesterday was my last day.. :( .... :)

  2. I know it was a long year... but you learned and grew so much as a teacher. I'm proud of you!