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Sunday, June 3, 2012

I'm a fan of Doris Chan!

I have been on a Doris Chan pattern kick. 

In particular, patterns from her books, Everyday Crochet and Amazing Crochet Lace.

She describes most of her patterns as crocheted lace, seamless, with top down construction.  Her open work patterns means I can get more fabric out of less yarn.  No seam sewing?  I'm in love.

It started with the Pistachio Parfait Ruana (an open poncho from South America). 

Very simple construction, and I managed to craft a wrap that stays put, doesn't have a long tail to catch on things, and, actually fit me for about 1,100 yards in yarn.

Just in case you're wondering... my Garden Path Shawl used 2,275 yards and I had to last minute dash to the store to buy ' one more skein' three times.

My Pearl Jacket (sweater) took 2,400 yards, but it was heavy duty aran weight.  A number of patterns calling for sport weight yarn in my size run about 4,000 yards.

I'll admit, I have a thing for ponchos.  I am a card carrying member of the poncho generation. 

So, I had to make the Rasberry Chocolate Poncho. 

The pattern called for 'lampshade' style pom poms around the bottom edge, but I swapped them out for these silvery beads.

So far so good... time for something with sleeves.

The construction is pure genius.  The foundation chain ends up at the back of the neck, and it's all worked in one piece to the bottom edge.  Sleeves are created by joining corners along the way.

A knee length sweater from 1,400 yards?  I had to try another!

This pattern is called Haru, and I will definitely be making more in other colors. 

Short sleeved, so perfect for three seasons of the year here in Arizona, open slits on the side for easy pocket access, and a nice V neckline that stays put.  All in 1,660 yards!  Sport weight!

Next on my list is a lacey long sleeved sweater called Cinnabar.

Oh!  I almost forgot another significant stroke of genius.  The patterns in Everyday Crochet are all variants of each other - so you can make a pullover/cardigan/jacket all from the same pattern.

It doesn't get an easier than that!  Go try one, you know you want to. ;o)


  1. Ooh, Mom and I want the short sleeved sweater in green and purple!

  2. Hmmm been awhile since I bought crochet books...must go have a look :)
    They look awesome on you btw!