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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wash the dishes and do the mopping...

Whew... July was a busy month as we moved house so Steve could accept a great job offer.  We're not completely settled, but we're getting there.  I managed to keep crafting but alas, I didn't get them posted, so we'll just pretend it never happened!

That said, I finished a Magic Cinderella doll this week that I am especially happy about.  A 'magic' doll is two sided, so you can flip it one way or the other for two different characters.  In this case, charwoman Cinderella and princess Cinderella.


  1. AKA as a Topsy Turvy doll - one of my favorites!

  2. WAY TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you did a great job - so original creative and CUTE!!!!!

  3. Thank you ladies! One of the gals in the Disney group suggested princess/villian dolls. How much fun would THAT be?!