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Monday, October 8, 2012

What falls in the Fall?

According to the Laurie Berkner song, leaves and temperatures fall in the Fall.  Buuuuut, not so much here in the desert.

It's still 90 degrees during the day, but everyone is breaking out scary movies and The Great Pumpkin, or should that be beagle?

Here's what I've been up to...

Baby stuff!  Not only is Amanda and Mike expecting a boy, but Christy's friend Tara is too.  I won't show you what I'm working on for Amanda yet, well, except for this super soft cotton 'worry blanket' I've already given them...

But I did use Tara as an excuse to do some crazy tie-dyeing.  She's been a best friend to Christy enough years to just nod and smile at my silliness. ;o)

I crochet the blanket and hat in white 100% cotton, and then used a Tulip tie dye kit from the craft store to dye it up.

Gone are the days of giant vats of hot dye that I remember from my youth.  Today's kits are one step, no fuss, and very easy!  Messy, but easy.

The loose swirl is supposed to conjure visions of giant Hawaiian waves since that's where Tara is living now.  Did it work?  You tell me.

Household stuff!  We went from two bathrooms to three - which means new decor, right? 

We went for the classic periodic table shower curtain and crocheted Bazinga! bathmat.  But, be careful of the crossed light sabers on the wall, they're actually attached! ;o)

Bags!  You all know I am a sucker for bags.  These are my recent favorites.

 The snowy bag is an 'exploded' design from Neville's sweater in HP & the Deathly Hallows, the caramel and cream bag is Sherlock's wallpaper, and the house owls, well they speak for themselves!

Sweaters and wraps!  Ok, I am also a sucker for super soft sweaters and wraps.  Gone are the days of fleece and flannel throws on the couch. 

Right now it's this Celtic Knot filet crochet shawl, and a lace diamond shawl.  Because of the flat bottom edge, they are great for wrapping up to watch tv (or crochet!) without that pesky pointy part that always gets stuck somewhere it shouldn't.  I made one of those two though.


I made a sweater for preggo Amanda - the shoulder section of this hoodie is two sizes smaller than the tummy section... and another for my friend Greta who is on the road to recovery after what can best be described as a crummy summer.  Both styles are loose and open, important when temperatures never really dip into 'cold'.
I also managed to make myself a very Brady bell sleeve sweater as well in It's a Sunshine yellow. 
This lacy duster is a great example of how crocheted garments can look completely diffferent when worn.  Check out the difference between flat on the floor and on my body. 
All in all, I've been able to keep myself busy... but the best part of being in the valley is being closer to the kids/grandkids.  We've seen more of them in the last couple of months and I love every minute of it!

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