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Thursday, October 25, 2012

This is Not an Herbology OWL!

Every Hogwarts student knows about OWLs.  Not the feathered kind, but exams - Ordinary Wizarding Levels.

The magical crafting world is no different.  In the House Cup (a group on Ravelry), OWLs are advanced study projects that take steady work over a three month period.
That's right, you heard me... three months. 

When was the last time *anything* took me three months, right?  So, needless to say, I do not qualify for the OWL program.  But that doesn't mean I don't play along in my own way.

This month, it's Herbology.  The OWL requirement I chose is 'floral art', using a pattern that makes you think of plants.

I chose this Garden Path Shawl designed by Lily Go.  It's supposed to make you think of a paved path surrounded by leaves. 

It took me an entire week to make, because I had a tooth surgically extracted two days after I started it.  :oP  But I think it works!

I used 2,332 yards of cotton blend yarn, making it the perfect 'throw' for the couch...


  1. lol i love your titles "this is not a garden path shawl" and this is not an herbology owl.
    what an original idea to blow up a pattern into a throw. perfect size! you are so quick
    technically you could have done a row a day to amke it last the three months ;)

    1. I'd never make it... I don't have the patience to have something sitting around that long, taking up precious space. :oP

      I'm finding I really love the triangle shape while I'm sitting, which gave me the idea. It's less bulky around my feet and there's less chance of my catching it on a corner I shouldn't!