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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

You made that out of string?

There's no doubt in anyone's mind that I love my grandsons... and I enjoy being their Gramma.

Last week, I needed to drop stuff off, and I couldn't resist bringing something fun for the boys.  (What Gramma can, I ask you?!)

So... I made super hero gloves.  Ok, it's not cold here, but it *is* October and there might be a chilly something sometime?  Maybe?

First up is Iron Man.  Freddy loved them and immediately ran around the room.  Very straighforward idea... make red gloves and add power disc circles.  Christy picked him up so he could fly.

I love hearing that boy laugh!

The pair I made for Topher is of course - Batman!

Again, straightforward idea using regular gloves with a small embellishment.  In this case, the spikes.  The cuffs are also a bit longer in order to provide the extra protection you need when fighting evildoers.  ;o)

Topher's expression told me I had scored big Gramma points, cause they were cool.

So... long story short (too late), Topher comes with me to run some errands, one of which includes the craft store.  Every window/mirror/sunny place means the hands go up so he can see the reflection/shadow of his Batman gloves.  Cause, you know, now everyone at the store knows he IS Batman.  So adorable.

While in the craft store buying a pressor foot for my machine, I can tell Topher is thinking.  When I find what I need, we continue walking and pass a bin of yarn... and he speaks his mind. 

"Gramma? Can you make me a sleepy hat?"

"I can make *anything* hon, what's a sleepy hat?"

"The kind with a long thing and a ball at the end."

We proceeded to look at every green yarn in the store, to make sure we got just the right color. 

We even thought through the logic of making one for Freddy and reversing the colors so they are kinda the same and still kinda different.

Every time I make something for the boys I am reminded of when Topher first realized I could make things...

"Gramma?  Did you make this out of string?"

"Yes hon, I did"

"Well, that's a really good job!"

Yeah... that boy gets whatever he wants!  ;o)

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