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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Baby, Baby!

It's February!  That means Amanda and Mike are expecting little Brayden to arrive soon. 

That's right, a grandson.  (Steve says he can't wait for a "Grampa's Boys" hockey team.)

Why yes, indeed.. they *are* being chased by crocheted dinosaurs!  And, here are a few more, along with some of the other projects I've made.


This song came out in the early 90's, when Amanda was still a toddler.  I sang it to her, and I know she feels the same way about Brayden.


  1. Fantastic!!! I am loving the idea of your very own hockey team of grandsons!!!!! :)

  2. Fantastic as always Jen! I really need to make smaller projects *lol!* My latest 'afghan' is going to be the size of a twin size bedspread 0.0
    I need help with the 'wave' afghan! My pattern calls to work in sets of '12'. But how many sets? an odd or even number? I frogged my current afghan at least 5 times before I settled on a 'straight line granny' pattern that didn't frustrate the heckie darns out of me!

    ps...when is Amanda due? Those dinosaurs are too cute!

    1. Amanda is due next week... so any day now!

      "Ripple" patterns can be annoying at first. They're using the term sets to mean repeats, and you make as many as you want. If its written correctly you don't need to worry about odd/even, just measure to the size you want it to be.

      If you want to tackle it again, remind me of the pattern you're using and maybe I can help translate. ;o)