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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Random Act of Art!


Have you ever heard of a yarn bomb?
It is an amazing way for yarn crafters to make people smile in a colorful, creative, artful way.  Some of them are really amazing... like the octopus tree or the lacey chain link fence or the mystery knitter at the London Olympics.
These aren't just crafts though... this is art!
I decided when we had a family camping trip over the summer that I would try my hand at a yarn bomb.
I thought long and hard about it, about my impact on the environment, trees and wildlife, and for the rangers who might feel obligation to take down what I put up.
I decided on crocheted birdhouses... writing this reminder on the bottom of one to show my good intentions.
As Steve and our kids and grandkids hiked, and fished, and played... I stayed at the campsite crocheting oddly shaped pieces out of the crazy assortment from my oddball bin - you know the few yards left after you finish another project but think "I might need this someday"?
Someday's here!
I used non-toxic glue to help keep the pieces in place, added loops for hanging, and enlisted my daughters help in hanging everything.
The campground has a gorgeous tree lined road, and they decided to spread our Random Act of Art along this section.
As people pass this way, they might see a yarn covered ornament swaying in the breeze, or a brightly colored birdhouse... and I hope they smile.
Many thanks to my daughters Christy and Amanda for making this happen!

I enjoyed the project so much that I made one more tiny crocheted birdhouse to hang in the Gramma Tree.  Cute, eh?


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