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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Third time's the charm Pink Parasol

Sometimes things don't come easy.  Sometimes you have to keep at it.  Sometimes you have to make adjustments.

These are the things I kept telling myself while working on this parasol.  It took my almost two months to get it done.  I know!  Me!  Here's why.

I found this amazing vintage umbrella with a pink Lucite handle and just *had* to use it.  But the ribs for this frame were light and whippy, and they just didn't stand up to the firm cotton I wanted to use.

My first attempt in Knitpicks Curio cotton was gorgeous, solid in the center, twirly on the edges.  What more could I want, right? 

As I began to tie it to the frame I realized I had crocheted 8 sections.  The umbrella has 10.  HEARTBREAK!

So, I frogged it. I did.  I know.

My second attempt using the reclaimed cotton had 5 sections, which works well because I can tie ribs at each half section and it would work out evenly.

It was just too tight.  I tried various fixes... but the frame ribs just didn't have enough firmness to support the solid fabric.

Third time's the charm as they say!

I decided the cotton thread was just too unforgiving, and I switched to Bernat Handicrafter Crochet Thread, 100% acrylic with a little more stretch.

I also switched patterns again, using Coats and Clark's Setting Sun doily... being careful to start with 5 repeats.  Look at that wonderful star at the center!

Changing up the colors to divide the lace sections really sets them apart.

All in all, I was very pleased with how it turned out... and it was worth all the trial and error it took to get there.

Check out the pink handle!


  1. This is seriously impressive! Not only impressive because of the finished product, but the PROCESS as well. I love your stick-to-it-iveness! :) This was definitely worth the process; it is a treasure!

  2. Thanks Jill!

    I think as crafters, we often show the finished project, but not how we got there... and why that finished project it really a triumph! This one is a great example for me.

  3. Wow Jen! I think I would have cried if I had to frog it. And then the second one.... at that point I would have been swearing!
    Well done for the finished project!

  4. I love my pretty pink parasol. It was such a beautiful surprise - even my mail carrier made me open right then and there to share with her what you had created. Every time I see it hanging on it's hook next to my Disney parasol that my husband bought me on our honeymoon, I just smile because I can feel the love of a dear friend. I know I've thanked you before but I just wanted to let you know that I truly adore it.

    1. You're so sweet to say it Amy... I also love that the mail carrier wanted to see it. That cracks me up!

  5. Thanks Dana and Tammy!

    To be honest, I couldn't bring myself to frog the second one once I had decided the cotton just wasn't going to work. I sent it to Amy with the umbrella. :oP