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Friday, April 10, 2015

There's a pseudoscience born every minute...

Because food is such an issue for me with celiac disease and a number of anaphylactic level food allergies, it really gets my dander up when fear mongers like the Food Babe and others get people riled up about things.  That's saying a lot for a *mostly* logical person like me.

It's not that I mind getting riled up about things... I just think you should know what you're talking about before you do.  Vax/Antivax?  Hey, I made my choice and I totally support you making yours - but *be informed* before you do.  Organic/raw/vegan/paleo/the all twinkie diet?  Again, I've made my choice and will support your right to make yours - but *be informed* before you do.

This has been a hot spot for me for decades when I first researched herbal medicine and found so many things were misrepresented simply to sell capsules. Seeing a marketing campaign online does "not" make it true.

Not sure what the current dander is all about?  Check out these links... because you know... I'm actually allergic to dander!  ;o)

Jennifer Raff, Violent Metaphors - Business Insider - best summary I've read to date and includes a lot of informatice pass through linkys so you can learn more.

Yvette d'Entremont on Gawker - aka Sci Babe  - I thought she was going to be my new best friend when she mentioned Real Girl Scouts, but her comments about the seriousness of food allergies won be over, along with the dirty jokes.  ;o)

Steven Novella, NeuroLogica - The Google University Effect - It's not just Food Babe!

James Fell - Avoiding Weight Loss Snake Oil - So many good things in here.  Just read it.

Even Uncle George Takei posted this one... which is how a lot of this stuff gets sold.  Buyer beware - whether you're buying a product *or* information.

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  1. Hear, hear!!! Fantastic blog post, and OH MY GOSH, is there really a Twinkie diet?!??!! ;) Love you, Jen!!!