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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is it cold in here?

Is it middle age?  because my allergies are worsening?  because my 'allergy free' nutrition is bad?  because I can't exercise?  I don't know the reason why, but the cold has bothered me more this winter than any I can recall.  The thermostat is higher (sorry Steve), and I've taken to wearing hats everywhere.  You've seen my pirate hat, star wars beanies, and Potter hats, but this week I found a great 'end of season' sale on microfiber sport weight yarn.

There was only one skein available of this "Gems" rainbow.  I turned it into a soft moebius cowl.  For those unfamiliar with the moebius strip - it is a neverending edge.

In crochet, there is a specific technique to create this effect without having to make a rectangle and sew the ends together.  It might be easier to see the twist in this chunky ear warmer headband and fingerless mittens I made last week.

Which brings me to fingerless mittens!  I am loving these hand warmers even though I have never been a mitten/glove person.  (Did I ask if it's cold in here?)  They work great at the arena (lightbulb!  I need to make some in Sundogs team colors to match my hat!) because I can still hold my pen for scorekeeping or open that twist cap. 

Back to the cool yarn!

Actually, let me digress once more.  :oP  I have always been jealous of knitters.  I can't knit to save my life... my fingers just don't work that way, and to work two needles at the same time?  no way.  Give me the hook every time.

BUT most yarn companies make colorways based on finer knitting stitches instead of bulkier crochet stitches.  Why does that matter?  Just try to crochet with variegated color yarn.  Self striping?  Ha!  Only in my dreams. 
And then I picked up this super soft microfiber sport weight yarn.  Damn if it didn't actually WORK!

I bought two skeins each in "Earth" and "Grass" ending up with matching hats and mitts in each.   I am going to love these as winter melts into spring and 'cold' turns into 'it's a little chilly after sunset'.  If I win the lottery, I may have to buy enough of this yarn to make a sweater.

They are so soft and comfortable to wear, and just the right weight to keep the chill away when it's not outright cold (when the wool pirate hat comes out, regardless of my allergy to sheep!).

Pleased with myself, I have moved on to my Molly Weasley sweater sleeves.  Even though the pattern calls for lightweight yarn, I used my usual trick and switched to worsted to increase the sizing without having to adjust the pattern (ok I did have to adjust a tiny bit).  I think it's going to work well and I am pleased so far.  I still have the wrist bell to complete but here's a peek at my work in progress:

Pretty darn colorful, isn't it?!  It's actually gone much faster and easier than I expected.  I need to decide on the color of the body of the sweater.  As usual, I'm leaning towards one of the browns.  What do you think?  Chocolate?  Toast?  Rust?  Cast your vote!  I'll be waiting for the right sale to get this quantity but my dream of getting it completed before it gets too warm to wear may come true!

Update - here's the final sleeve!

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