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Monday, February 7, 2011

Let's Go Sundogs!

I get a kick out of Vile Richard's "Hockey Song"... on Monday I play hockey, on Tuesday I play hockey, on Wednesday I play hockey, on Thursday -  I'm sore!  I will never miss a game, my jersey always smells the same.... ok you get the idea.  I may not play hockey, but I love being a fan of our local pro team the Arizona Sundogs and I have a lot of fun keeping score for the local adult league where Steve plays.

I've taken to wearing my three cornered pirate hat to the arena when it is really cold outside.  Old age (and getting cold) stinks, but if you have to wear a hat it may as well be cool, right?  It seems the three cornered hat is going to make a comeback... because every time I wear it to a game I end up making more to share. 

Most of them are pretty much the same as mine, but this weekend I made a special one in Sundogs colors for Captain Harley (who usually wears a big red 'throwback to Huggy Bear in the 70's' hat to games so this won't be a big stretch).   Is that great or what?! 

I also made a beanie for First Mate Cathie...

Last but not least, I made this one for me in Sundogs teams colors.  It's slouchy and comfortable with a rolled brim, and not a bad alternative to the complete and utter failure I had in trying to actually put a Sundogs "S" on the first one I tried to make!
*slides the hat on and wanders off singing "word to your mother, eh?  Ice, ice, hockey... too cold, too cold.  Ice, ice hockey... too cold, too cold... duh duh duh duh, duhduhduhduh *

2/9/11 Update... here is a 'checkered flag' version of the slouchy hat for summer racing season!


2/21/11 update... here's a Pirate Princess hat... and a "death snowflake" tote that makes me think of Pirates as well as the Dark Mark from Harry Potter!

Update 3/10/11 to add the Sundogs blanket using the Catherine's Wheel stitch:


  1. Great hat! And you look really nice!! Young, refreshed, happy. You don't look like you have any allergies or any problems! :-))))

  2. Thanks! You are right, that's exactly how I was feeling... but the next week, not so much. :oP

  3. ohhhh eeemmmmmm gggeeeeee. Those hockey stick hats are AWESOME! You KNOW a certain grandson of yours will be wearing it as soon as you send it... hahahha. btw, The valentines for the boys are cute! I'll wrap them up and put Topher's on the back of the toilet where I always found mine.. hahahhahaha. FIrst thing you do, gotta go pee. hahhahahaha

  4. hahaha Christy! I'm making a viking hat and a pirate one with crossbones next! We'll have to see which one that certain grandson likes best.

    It is probably not as safe with the boys to put things in the bathroom than it was with you girls! :oP