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Monday, April 18, 2011

The grooviest robots you've ever seen... and goats?!

If you've been keeping track, you know that I had one more set of 'baby stuff' to give before I could post photos.... and without further ado... here it is!  Angie and KC had everyone to their new house over the weekend.  Not only is the house wonderful, but it is unique - which is hard to find these days.  They are expecting their first child in May. 

I sent them a crocheted cotton 'worry blanket' a couple of months ago and consequently, a little birdie mentioned that KC likes robots.

Since they had the cotton blanket already, I decided to make a simple quilt out of cool cotton fabric and a light layer of batting. 

So I did.  But then I saw the fleece!  So I did.  :oP 

I just trimmed up the edges and added a soft crocheted edging to the fleece, and now they have cool and warm versions of robot blankets. 

 These robots reminded me of "Robot" from "Lost in Space" with the wild arms waving 'danger, Will Robinson!" but as if the Brady Bunch had taken them over and made them groovy.  (Again, I live for the laugh - and they crack me up!)  These are not the serious kind of robot like Gort!

I also couldn't resist my attempt at a crocheted robot and rocket ship.  It's hard to add features when you don't want them to be a swallow hazard.  I think they ended up ok, even though it wasn't exactly what I had in mind originally.  Add the traditional cap and booties, and a robot bib, and the set is complete.

This week I finished a project for Donna, the kindergarten teacher.  Each year, her class does a project about The Three Billy Goats Gruff. 

You all remember the story, three goats have to cross a bridge guarded by a cranky troll.  (Not far off The Three Brothers for Potter fans!)  They listen to the story, make stick puppets to tell the story at home, and they also get to act out the story as well.

The goats are basic beanies with horns and ears attached, and just a little chin fringe when the ties are tied.  Can you imagine those cute little faces in there?

The troll is a cone shaped hat with some seaming for scrunchiness.. and a red furry beard.  I hope I made the beard long enough to drop below the kid's actual chins because that stuff tickles.  They'll be giggling the whole time and what sort of troll does that?! 

Hopefully Donna will be able to share a photo of the hats with kids actually in them someday...


  1. Oh wow, look at all those robots! What a great idea about finding fleece fabric in a fun design and just adding a simple edging... I might have to steal that idea!

    And the goat and troll hats are just amazing... I can just imagine how much I would have loved them when I was at school, so I am sure they will be much appreciated by many, many kids :)

    (btw my parents came to visit today and I showed them the blanket and hats and they were totally amazed!)

  2. Steal away... It's a great way to personalize a fast and cozy blanket, but be warned, the first row is hard on your fingertips (working through the fleece). There are fancy ones out there, but this one is one row of sc evenly spaced into the fleece, and then one row of 3dc shells.

    Glad to hear your parents liked the goodies!

  3. So cute! Do you know who makes the robot fabric? I'd love to find it! Thank you : )

  4. I'm sorry I don't... I found all of it at WalMart though if that helps!