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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just a victim of a short attention span!

I admit it.  I am still recovering from my sweater project.  I want instant gratification, and I want it NOW (in my best Veruca Salt whine)!  As a consequence of my short attention span, this week was full of small but fun projects.
 The most fun this week was my grandson's 5th birthday party. He liked the superhero capes, and wore one or the other most of the day.  I loved seeing the corners peeking out from under his coat when he went outside to play.

I also had a great time sharing my projects with anyone who would give me the time of day (as usual) and volunteered to make some red slippers for Mitz, Andrew's 92 year old grandmother.  They're in the mail!

It was a great week for booties.  The purple and orange ones are in the team colors for our pro basketball team the Phoenix Suns.  They should be available at Blueberry Deluxe soon. 

I also made a handful of pocket and belt loop purses to finish up the variegated yarn on hand.  I find these to be the most relaxing to make because they work up so quickly... but you don't need to see them ALL here!  :oP  Donna agreed to try a couple out and let me know if I should make any adjustments to my patterns.  For now, I'll throw the rest of them in the box for the craft booth I'll have 'someday'.

And now for something completely different, I have a fun link to share!  Twinkie Chan is a pattern designer with a special focus on fun food.  Her tag line is 'eat your cake and wear it too'.   Of course, around here that could mean you are just inviting frosting in your hair... but this week it meant this adorable cupcake hat!

I must admit, this was my crochet laugh of the week.  This particular hat is in toddler size so I cannot model it for you... but rest assured that one in my size WILL exist soon.

It's hard to see the frosting yarn detail in the photo, but it is ever so slightly pink with pink, purple and blue sprinkles.  It looks a lot like peppermint crunch ice cream!

And chocolate cake... mmmm.  Since I can't eat it, I'm going to wear it!  I love how the pattern recreates the swirls in the frosting and the crinkles in the cake from the cupcake liner.

Last but not least... Hogwarts on Ravelry had a weekly challenge to make something Luna Lovegood might enjoy. 

I made my version of her nargle repelling butterbeer cork necklace.

I'd been saving this cork for this purpose because of it's unique shape, and this was the motivation I needed to finish it up. It has a gold filigree shank button glued into the bottom of the cork, and I used my macrame knotting skills to attach pale green crochet thread.

I'll be wearing this one all week.... just to get in the mood for Deathly Hallows pt1 on dvd this Friday!  I can't wait.

Extra points to Steve for realizing it will be Potter Friday!


  1. I am just amazed at your motivation! I have only one finished craft - and it's a prototype!

    You GO GIRL!

  2. Yeah.. but you have other irons in the fire. I have 'sitting in a chair doing nothing'. lol

  3. OMG...loved those booties! Especially the pink ones!