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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A sweater by any other name...

Ta-dah! Yes I finally got around to finishing my Molly Weasley inspired 'coat of many colors' sweater. Crazy, isn't it?! Crazy but fun!

I had been putting this off because it was such a large project, and it feels good to be done with it.

The body of the sweater is a simple shell stitch with a simple sc edging (I like things nice and open at the neck).  I made it 'car coat' length which means it hits about mid-thigh instead of at the hip.  Being tall and wide, that length works better for me.

The sleeves are a trip.  I am fascinated by the colors and patterns, but I'm not sure I can wear the sweater for long periods because they get in the way of EVERYthing!  Frankly, I don't know how Molly does it.

I also made this makeup bag for Megan, who will be celebrating her birthday along with Topher this Saturday.  Her big sister Brianna said she needed something to carry around all the makeup she's been collecting and I think this might fit the bill.

It's actually about the size of the 'caboodles' my daughters had at that age, and I love the daisy beads as a button.  With a little bit of yarn leftover, I made a matching 'pocket purse' which is just big enough for a couple dollars and a lip balm.  Perfect for the movies or a mall crawl.

Lastly, in the pocket purse mood, I decided on more!

The first and second from the left are Hobby Lobby brand yarns I have not worked with before.  I'm happy with the weight of the yarn and the resulting fabric.  I may have to try some larger projects with it now.

The last one is actually a spring colored nylon and not yarn at all (think thin nylon rope).  Nylon wears like crazy but is not as soft.  That makes it great for projects that need to take a beating like bags.  I'm still experimenting.

I'm now working some baby cowboy boots and sneakers in hopes of being able to sell a few at Blueberry Deluxe.  Blueberry is a unique boutique in downtown Phoenix that specializes in vintage items as well as 'one of a kind' items.  If you are in the neighborhood, stop by and say hello to proprietress Jessica, who is a long time friend of my oldest Christy.

I am learning (again) that I enjoy crocheting for fun a lot more than crocheting something on a deadline... but we'll see what happens!


  1. I cannot believe you have finished that coat already, with all the rest of the things you've been busy making... WOW! You are like a superwoman when it comes to crocheting :)

    Can we see a photo of your wearing the sweater??

  2. I tried taking one of myself but my arm isn't long enough. lol I'll get Steve on it tonight.

    Remember, this is insomnia at work. lol Not really insomnia, but all the meds, etc. So, I get hours in every day. ;o)

  3. Would you ever consider making a sweater like this to sale? I knit, but cannot crochet to save my life. Haha. Please email me and let me know how much you would charge.

  4. I may be missing something obvious in your profile, but I don't see a way to email you.

    I don't normally make things for sale (because then it's work, you know?) but I have some insight for you. The worst part of these sleeves is that it calls for 12 colors which means 12 skeins even though you're only using a small amount of each. It's an expensive proposition to buy the yarn, and ship, etc.

    Your best bet might be to go to your local yarn shop and see if there is a crocheter there who can help you. If you buy the pattern and the yarn, I bet you'll find someone able to do it for you locally (perhaps swap for a knitted item?). Experienced crocheters will have no trouble with this pattern as it's clearly written.


    And, best news yet... Molly's sweater is actually knitted! It's only the sleeves that are crocheted. Once you have the sleeves, you can use your favorite knitted patternf or the body.

    I wish I could be more help on this one... it would just be hugely expensive for you to have me do it and I think there might be other options for you.