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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hockey, hockey, hockey all the time!

Even though Steve's ice hockey league ended Monday, there's still plenty of hockey to be had.  The inline league is just beginning out at Pioneer Park, and the Sundogs are in the playoff hunt for the President's Cup.
Hockey fans know the importance of the 'playoff beard'.  For those not in the know, players are quite superstitious and will not shave during playoffs in case it affects their skill and luck.  The longer the beard, the longer they've been able to survive playoffs and the closer they are to the championship.

This year, I made hockey helmet beanies with playoff beards attached for us to wear to the first playoff game, coming up in a few days. Steve and I opted for gray since that's the color our beards would be if we actually grew them. But...

Harley likes red! It's also a Sundogs color.

Hopefully I'll get a photo of him wearing it at the game.

This also seems like a good place to share one of the baby gifts I mentioned earlier. 
Martha and Matt are expecting their first child this year - congratulations! 
Of course, we all know this baby will be a hockey player too, so why not start right off the bat?  This blanket is made using a wheel stitch that reminds me of hockey pucks.  A helmet style beanie and skate style booties are icing on the cake, I mean baby.

Steve says I used the hockey theme because I hope they'll bring the baby suited up for the Sundogs games next year and I might be able to get some cuddle time.
I must confess, he's probably right!


  1. You know, I fell in love with ice hockey (despite not really knowing the rules) when I was in Russia and am gutted it's not a big sport over here. It's the only sport I actually ever liked, so I am just a little bit jealous!

    As for those baby skates... how cute are they?! I never cease to be amazed by what you can create. Funny actually, one of my friends who is due a month before me recently said she wants to learn to crochet and I was telling her about you being my crochet guru and she said I get to be hers... guess I better get cracking on my skills to live up to that honour!!

  2. Our new goalie just came from playing with the Edinburgh Capitals.

    The skates are just creative thinking... which I know you do well! They are just regular booties in black with white laces. Then I crocheted the straight blade and sewed it in place.

    It's not rocket science. lol You can be an excellent crochet guru. Let me know if either of you are looking for specific patterns as you know I have quite the collection. Of course Ravelry has even more!

  3. Those baby skates are soooo cooool!!

  4. Are you by any chance offering the awesome baby sized hockey helmet pattern anywhere!? I desperately need to make a toddler sized one for my nephew and I'm having a terrible time finding a crocheted helmet that actually LOOKS like a helmet. Let me know! Thanks, Kate

    1. Hi Kate!

      I don't happen to have that one written out. I just added to a basic bucket beanie:

      Make any basic bucket beanie in the size you need. (The one pictured is 60 stitches in circumference. I'll use 60 as my stitch count for these notes, but they should be adjusted by your actual stitch count.)

      Back: Extend fpdc/bpdc ribbing for 15 stitches (25% of total) for three more rows.

      Ears: Join and extend ribbing for 6 stitches on each sides and two more rows. Leave about the same number of stitches unworked in between ears and back.

      This leaves a little over 1/3 of the total number of stitches open for the front.

      Using two strands of white, join with slip stitch at the bottom of ear, chain 10 (or whatever length you need) and slip stitch into bottom corner of back. Repeat on the other side.

      If you've made hats before, you probably get the gist from these notes, but if you'd like a more formal pattern let me know. ;o)

    2. Thank you so much! He is going to be so excited...and so is my brother!! I'll let you know how it turns out. Have a great day!!

  5. YAY! It's so funny how hockey fans are about these things. lol