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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh baby!

Just in case you thought I haven't been posting because there was nothing in the works... This is a big year for babies, and for baby crochet projects.  First, there was the daughter of our client for whom I made the sea creatures.  Then, there is my niece, my friends in the UK and my hockey friends.  Four baby projects one right after the other!  Whew!

Update: Here is a 'tree of life' afghan made for Amanda and Tim's baby. They really love trees, both esthetically and symbolically. It made me think of the 'family tree', as well as a great meadow of flowers surrounded by trees.

I made a basic cap or three as well but I forgot to photograph them before they went into the shipping box.  Hopefully, we'll get a photo with baby as well in the fullness of time!

Here are some close ups of the tree detail as well as the flower detail... the trees are made using front post stitches to give them dimension.

Update:  Here is the hockey themed set for Martha and Matt's baby.  They not only have Sundogs season tickets a couple rows from us, but also play inline hockey with Steve.  We're working on Matt for the ice hockey league next year.

The bottom line is that this baby WILL play hockey.  :oP  Why not get him or her started right away?

I like the wheel pattern in the blanket (done in Sundogs team colors) because it reminds me of hockey pucks.

Update:  Here are the groovy robots I made for Angie and KC's baby.  They make me think of tv shows in the 60's, like a weird cross between "Lost in Space" and "The Brady Bunch".

I sent a 'worry blanket' to them a while back made of cotton (Arizona summers, 'nuf said) so I thought I would change it up a bit here and make a simple cotton quilt.  I also couldn't resist the fleece print and just cleaned up the edge with some crochet.

A robot bib, some robot toys, and the traditional cap and sneakers complete the set!


Now back to your regularly scheduled post...

I can however share photos of the super hero items I made for my oldest grandson.  He will be 5 in a couple of weeks. 

Christy brought the boys up for a quick visit last weekend and it was so nice to see them.  Topher asked me to tie a blanket around his shoulders like a cape... and you can just call me Gru because in my head I said "light-bulb".

We all did that when we were that age, right?  Pretend to be superheroes with blankets tied around our shoulders? 

I had seen this Spidey blanket pattern and had it rolling around in the back of my mind as a project for 'someday' but this 'light-bulb' moment brought it to the forefront.  Yeah, I know and you know that Spiderman does not have a cape... but I went right to the ultimate 5 year old boy source = Steve for an expert opinion.  He agreed that its a small detail because the first thing anyone wants to do with this spider web is to tie it on and run around the kitchen.  Oh yes he did!  :oP

If you look closely at the right side of the picture, you can see the wrist bands I made to complete the ensemble, including buttons to release your webs.  I did not let my 'expert' try those on because of the size, but I'm pretty sure they will be well received.
While not as colorful, no super hero cape collection would be complete without the basic red Superman model. 

I made the bottom edge extra wide for better control while flying.

I am seriously considering making an extra large version of this cape for my nephew to use as a blanket.  At age 5 he wore his Superman cape every single day, including to school.  He turns 21 later this year.

Enjoy every moment.  Time flies... just like Superman.


  1. Wow you HAVE been busy ;)

    My Grandma has been busy knitting items since we first told her we were pregnant a few weeks ago and by the time baby is born I think we'll have enough cardigans to last the whole first year!! There's nothing like a new baby to get the crafting going is there?

    I haven't touched the blankets yet as the nausea remains, but as I had 3 great days last week I am sincerely hoping it will well and truly go over the next week or two and then I can get cracking on the two I started ages ago. Heck, my baby is never going to be short on variety ;)

  2. hahahahahahahaha!!!!! AWESOME!!!!

  3. I am so impressed by how many projects you get completed! They are amazing as usual Jen!

  4. Nothing like insomnia Dana! :oP

    Christy, I know you won't spill the beans. There's even a little one for Freddy.

    Amanda... you are so right! A new baby is an excuse to play with those extra soft baby yarns, as well as to put all our hopes and dreams for that child into every stitch. I'm so glad you are feeling better. Once you see the pattern I found, you'll know why I simply could not resist it!

  5. You've been so busy! And you make so many things so fast!

  6. You are right... I know EXACTLY why you couldn't resist it! Tim fell in love with it just as much as I did (in fact he said it was so beautiful he almost wanted to stick it on the wall rather than let the baby have it LOL!!!) So I promised him I'd have a go at making one small panel to turn into a family-tree wall hanging... I've never worked a pattern like it before, so it will be an interesting challenge ;)

  7. I agree it's a fantastic idea for a family tree. The pattern looks a lot more complicated than it actually is... it's really about counting your stitches.

    I'm happy to hear Tim loves it too! YAY!