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Friday, March 4, 2011

Hippity hoppity, Easter's on it's way!

Ok... maybe it's not quite Easter (4/24 this year).  But crafters have to think and work ahead in order to enjoy the fruits of their labor on time.

I saw this simply but cute bunny basket and decided it would make a perfect centerpiece for our table.  I found a pattern for eggs and it was time to choose colors.

My friend Kimberly liked the idea too, and she chose my favorite colors, browns, greens and yellows.  In fact, this bunny basket is on it's way to her right now!

I decided on a rich brown yarn for the basket so he could be a chocolate bunny.  What's Easter without chocolate bunnies right?  And because of the allergy situation, it looks like this is the only chocolate bunny I'm going to have this year.

The eggs were fun to think about as well as crochet, because of the variety of colors and patterns to make.

I love living in a small town, except for the shopping.  Many times I have to base my project on what yarn is available and this was one of those times.  Sometimes the tone of a color is off, or it's not the right weight or fiber for the project I have in mind.  This time, there was no yellow in the weight I needed.  No yellow!  Can you imagine?!

So I substituted a self patterning yarn with yellow and green stripes as well as a 'flower' section.  It's really a section of yarn that has tiny spots of color at regular intervals.  When worked up, the dots come together and are supposed to look like a tiny cluster of flowers, in this case blue and yellow.  I think they came pretty close!

May your Easter be blessed, whether it's with chocolate bunnies, friends and family, or whatever makes you happy.

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