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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spinning wheel... got to go round

This week was all about wheels... Catherine's Wheel to be precise.

This wheel stitch is supposed to look like interlocking rows of circles in the end.  However, if your tension isn't quite right, it looks a bit more like wonky squares. 

You can see I have a bit of both in my practice work... but since I was using leftover yarn from the Cutie Pie and making knockabout tote/shopping bags it doesn't really matter.  After a while the pattern is almost hypnotizing isn't it?

It also makes a nice close fabric, suitable for just about any project.  I think I'll use the black and alternating team colors for a baby blanket for some friends who are hockey fans.  The black circles could be hockey pucks, right?  I think it would also make a great sweater, but perhaps in different colors.  :oP

All in all I ended up with nine bags using a skein each of white and black as well as the colorful odds and ends left in the stash.

I love the idea of using my own bags when shopping, even though we recycle paper and plastic bags we occasionally get.  Not only are these bags stronger with more capacity, they are just more fun to carry!

I took a break from Catherine's Wheel long enough to try some Queen Anne's Lace.  The shell shaped patterns are quite similar, but what a different result!

With the wheel, the shells are lined up straight.  With the lace, the shells alternate direction and are left unattached to anything but edge of the next shell.

 It turned into a very pretty piece!

I also made a great 'scoodie' (scarf with a hood) out of this pale green homespun yarn.

It is sooooo soft! It's regular double crochet with an extra large hook to keep the fabric light and airy. I added a shell edging around the face as well.

Lastly,  with some leftover wool I tried the first chart I've done in a long time.  I have a hard time getting the tension just right with all the color changes and it ends up pulling toward the center.

I decided to try Deathflake partly because it reminded me a little of Voldemort's Dark Mark and a little of Pirates of the Caribbean - two of my favorites.  It did indeed pull toward the center again (dammit!) but I compensated by making the back side slightly larger than the front by stitch count.  I also used wool for felting by design, thinking that once felted, the pulling might not be so noticeable.

So if I hadn't just told you, would you have noticed?  Come on, be honest!

Oh yeah... one more thing.  Guess what arrived in the mail today?  The yarn for the body of my Molly Weasley 'Coat of Many Colors' Sweater!

Update 3/10/11 to add the Sundogs baby blanket I made using the same wheel stitch:

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