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Friday, August 12, 2011

Tie a Yellow Ribbon - for Endometriosis Awareness

My friend Amanda is an active blogger, writer, and general illuminator of interesting thoughts.  Over the years we've swapped recipes, patterns and ideas... but this week she has a doozy!

Amanda suffers from endometriosis, like many women (diagnosed and undiagnosed) around the world.  Bringing trouble into the light of day, bringing knowledge and hope with it is one of her special talents.  She asked me to participate as a guest blogger with the hope that we might be able to combine her talent, endo awareness and my crochet.

Specifically, I created a pattern for this hot water bottle cozy with a yellow awareness ribbon, in hopes it will not only bring awareness but comfort to a woman in pain.

The exact same pattern can also be used to make a tote bag (by attaching a strap), and I’ve included a pattern for a small pocket purse for carrying personal items as well (because you know we all do!).

This technique is called "illusion crochet".  I thought it appropriate for this particular purpose not only because it’s cool, but because it is symbolic.  If you look at it one way, it’s simply striped, but change your point of view and the ribbon appears... your awareness changes!

Most of the things that trouble us are things we can see better if we just change our perspective a little.

You can find the free pattern here.  I wrote it with beginner crocheters in mind so don’t let the look intimidate you if it is a new technique. If you get stuck you can reach me by posting your question here.

We’ve also come up with a way for you to win this one from me!
And here's how you can find out more about endometriosis... knowledge is power!


  1. I also have Endometriosis, so I feel for her - literally! I love these bags: both the hot water bottle cozy and the tote. Well done Jen and Amanda!

  2. LOL! That's for me! The endometriosis queen :-P. Going on Monday for an u/s to see if more cysts have cropped up. Now to go see all links you have here...

  3. I'm glad you both can appreciate the situation and the need for more discussion about it.

    Swati... hope the scan brings better answers for you! ;o)

  4. I also have endometriosis and have had several procedures to provide relief. However relief is only temporary. Due to my issues, I am not infertile. I would like to make an awareness BLANKET. I am not skilled enough to convert the pattern to accommodate this. Is there any way you could help me with this?

    1. Hi Lynn... the best way for us to work out the details is on Ravelry. It requires a log in, but it's free, and they won't spam you. I have a Crochet Q&A group with plenty of planning space here: