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Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh baby! Part Deux

2011 has been a big year for babies, and boy is my crocheting arm tired.  Ok, not really, but there HAVE been a lot of babies this year!  Earlier in the year I made several baby related projects, but the time has come for more.
This time the projects were for niece-in-laws (I guess?  How do you describe my sister-in-laws' nieces?).  One with a new boy and one with a new girl.

I made a set for each one that included a soft 100% cotton blanket, booties and cap, as well as a silly monkey just because Auntie Donna likes them so much.
The boy got dinosaur spikes on his cap and the girl's is shaped like a flower.  Likewise, the shoes were different, sneakers for the boy and maryjanes for the girl.

I had a lot of fun making them and I hope they get put to good use!  In fact, I liked the flower caps so much, I made a few more for baby Rose (the one who got the hockey gear previously).   So cute!
But I digress, again.  Back to the in-laws.  I also wanted to make Gramma blankets for the two new grammas in the family.  Normally I make something kid-like.  But, in this case, Auntie Donna said that at least one of the new Grammas would really like a blanket she could keep in the living room.

So, I decided on some cool Aran afghan patterns and made what might seem to some as normal crocheted blankets... but have been infused with special Gramma energy!
The first one has traditional Aran cables with main panels of basketweave.

The second has cables but has main panels in a popcorn stitch.

Both are made out of sturdy washable yarn so they are not only grandkid-proof but Grandpa-proof as well.  Oh come on, you know that's who will be using them when the babies aren't around!  ;o)
So, congrats to all the new parents and grandparents out there!

The entire time I was working on these Gramma blankets I was dreaming about an Aran Fisherman's sweater, but I need to make Steve's "Charlie" sweater first. 
These cheeky little monkeys are Pittsburgh Steelers fans.  I had a little trouble getting the jerseys right though.  After trying a few things I decided basic is best.  I wish they were just a tad bigger though so I could have been more detailed on the name and number on the back.  I just had too much trouble with teeny tiny yarn.  *sigh*  My ideas are too big for my hands I guess.

I hope the point came across ok!

Last but not least, I participated in a shawl CAL (Crochet A-Long) with the Slytherins over at the House Cup on Ravelry.  (The new term starts this week... I got sorted into Hufflepuff - wonder if it was because I was working on yellow and black while the Sorting Hat was pondering?) 

I tried a new pattern, but used a heavier yarn instead of the laceweight it recommended.  I think it turned out great!

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