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Monday, March 26, 2012

March (Muffin) Madness

At Hogwarts this month I instigated a food fight (what?! :oP).  I made lemon poppyseed, blueberry, and banana walnut muffins... I have no idea how that chocolate cupcake for in there... I swear.

Anywho, I also had last week off work, giving me lots of time to craft.  I ended up frogging (rip it) the sweater I had 2,000 yards into because it just wasn't going to work the way I wanted.  I decided to focus on using up the clearance cotton I picked up for a song... and my trip to Phoenix to visit the kids.  With their Disneyland trip coming up in June, I decided to Disney-fy their Easter toys.  What do you think?

The Millenium Falcon recently joined the other ships in my grandson's room...
I love the shadows on the wall!

March also meant my move from Gryffindor to Slytherin at Hogwarts at Ravelry.  That means snakes.  I dyed this cotton with easter egg dye so she wouldn't seem so scary sitting on my shelf.  I also learned how to transfigure her into a bracelet so I can take her with me wherever I go.  The bracelet is done in a turkish 'snake bone' stitch.

I also had the opportunity to take the dark mark when I moved into the dungeons... and made one to carry my school supplies as well!
So... beware all, I've turned to the dark side.  (They have cookies!)


  1. yea, this is great! the dark mark is cool, i didn't realize you moved to slytherin.. what the heck? and freddy forgets about the the easter babies, but then goes to find them once he finds their hat!!

  2. So funny about the hats!

    I'll make my way through all the houses eventually... because of all my crafting time, I score a lot of points. It seems fair to spread that around a little, and at the time I had to choose, Slytherin was in last place.

  3. 8^O!!!!!!!! all that!? crazy!
    dont know where to start
    love the star wars ships and you're right about how cool the shadowslook - neat!
    love your bracelet.
    lvoe the disney-fied easter toys.
    so cute!
    and those cupcakes! now that's the way to go - no calories. youcrochet up such fun!