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Friday, May 6, 2011

May flowers for Mom

I know... again?!  I promise this is my last one for the week.  After all it IS Friday.  Here in the US, Sunday May 8th is Mothers Day.

I am unable to make the drive to visit my Mom this weekend, but it doesn't mean I won't be thinking about her.

My Mom did all the things most Moms do, from fixing my boo-boos to driving me nuts.  Sometimes we remember those moments - and sometimes we laugh, and sometimes we just look at each other and agree not to go there!  :oP
But most of the time when I think about my Mom, I think about the things I've learned from her that I really enjoy, my love for the garden, music and the ability to 'play' when the time is right, my confidence in my intelligence and willingness to try something new even though it terrifies me. 

I also learned to have a spiritually open mind from Mom.  She was the first one to teach me to think for myself in church and not just follow blindly what the human being in front of me was saying.  She introduced me to astrology, psychics, and the power of positive thinking.

I learned to love reading from Mom.  I still love disappearing into a good book, and spent many an afternoon stretched on on my bed, right in front of the window, reading until it got too dark to see, and then reading just a little more.  Now I sit in the windowseat and do the same thing!
In fact, one of my favorite memories is when my 8th grade English teacher (Mrs. Johnson!) caught me reading a book in class when I was supposed to be listening to another student giving a speech.  She gave me a stern look and I put my book away. 

Soon after, I came home from school one day and stern looking Mom said, "I received a note from your teacher today."  I wracked my brain - what had I done?  I never got in trouble at school!  She continued, "I understand you got into some trouble in English class."  Still stern.  Damn, I got busted AND she told my Mom.  My heart sank and I waited for her to continue.  Was that a twinkle I just caught in her eye?  Seconds lasted hours and she finally said "Yes, it was a thank you note.  She was so pleased that she caught you reading Jane Eyre instead of one of those trashy romances the other girls read, and wanted to thank me for given you a proper book to read!"

There are a million other things I could share about my Mom.  Now I can also see in my daughters the things they've learned from me (and therefore from her).  I can see the things I hope my grandchildren learn from them(and therefore from me, and Mom) too.

It's quite a legacy when you think about it.  Happy Mother's Day, Mom.  This bud's for you!

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