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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A sweater by any other name... Part Deux

Many of you remember how pleased I was to finish my Molly Weasley inspired "coat of many colors" sweater.

And I was!  I even wore it to my grandson's birthday party.  But by the end of the day, the sleeves grew out of control.  Literally.

Gravity, thou art a heartless bitch.

The weight of the yarn made the entire piece 'grow' which is especially common for pieces like this.  However, I was prepared for a couple of inches, not six plus.  So, these sleeves are even too big for me!
Therefore, I have undertaken a Summer Repair and Renovation Challenge in on of my Ravelry groups.

My challenge is to find a way to remove some of the rows in the sleeve without losing the overall Weasley feeling.

I think I am up to the task... we'll see.  I will update this post as I go along!

ETA:  For some reason I'm not allowed to add comments at the moment... but the pattern I used for the sleeves is here.


  1. I love her sweater from the movie! Can't wait to see how it looks redone! I would love it if you were able to share the pattern when it's done.

  2. Me too! I used the sleeve pattern from http://www.fruitcats.com/Jo's/sleeves.htm

    and then my favorite sweater pattern for the body, then just sewed them together!