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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What can I say about radishes?

Ahh the radish... but by another other name would smell as... ummm... yeah let's not go there.

Riddle me this, grasshopper - if someone asked you to choose a fashion icon in the Wizarding World, are there any other answers?

Merlin?  Classic, but traditional.  Anyone can come up with a pointy hat and robes.  Name almost any wizard in any muggle fairy tale, and he's just a Merlin wannabe.

Dumbledore?  Untraditional that's certain, but still a bit fussy.  Voldemort?  Now that's just plain mean.  Potter?  Weasley?  Granger?  Puh-lease!

No, the obvious answer is Luna Lovegood.  Not only intelligent, thoughtful and kind, but a fashion standard we can only aspire to.
So, here is my homework for History of Magic, and my tribute to a wizarding fashion legend.

It's a radish 'lariat' scarf pattern by Twinkie Chan.  yes, believe it or not, this is a real pattern and it is not actually Luna related.  I just put two and two together.  :oP

I also made matching earrings since that's really what Luna is most famous for... along with her butterbeer cork necklace of course.

One of my favorite projects for the week though was something very simple.  A mokeskin pouch. The trick about a mokeskin pouch is that only the owner can get anything out of it!  So, it's quite a safe place to store your most important items. 

Hagrid gave one to Harry for his 17th birthday.  It came in handy because Harry was able to use it to carry the things that actually helped him defeat Voldemort in the end.

Thanks to Greta, I was able to recreate Harry's pouch very accurately!

Although, I did make my pouch a longer sling... I still haven't perfected the undetectable extension charm that allowed Harry's to be very small and still have room for everything.

My big excitement for the week though was finding this fantastic yarn.  I tend to stick with 'normal' yarn for all of my projects because I just can't justify spending the money on fancy yarn.  Buuuut, we were at the Mothers Day craft fair downtown and the spinners were there.  The yarn looks so wonderful, and the colors so unique.  I walked away dreaming of winning the lottery.  :oP
I had a coupon for the local yarn store A Good Yarn, and because it was Mother's Day weekend, Steve was a great sport and patiently followed me around the store for a couple laps. 

I would normally have never bought this hand dyed chenille yarn in a bazillion years, but I felt the need for a splurge, Steve egged me on, and the store owner tied me down and... ok she didn't, she's very nice and actually gave me a Mother's Day discount (very clever actually, 'if you are a mother, have a mother or know a mother, you get the discount'). 

I have since run my fingers through it like it was made of gold coins and made workable balls of yarn out of it.  I think it will be PERFECT for the Invisibility Cloak I'll be making next month as a part of Hallows or Horcruxes on HPKCHC.  If I can just stay away from it until the first of June when the game begins!


  1. Ahhhhh i love your Luna stuff! she's one of my very fave HP characters (the Weasley Twins are my all-time fave) I love your mokeskin pouch too, the magic mirror, locket, snitch, marauder’s map, broken wand and Lily's letter? This makes me want to do a HP swap. Off to search ravelry...

  2. Thanks! I expect to see Luna items on your Rav project page soon!