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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fairy house

Fairy day is June 25th.  This year I decided to celebrate by making this fairy house.  Ok, at the store, it was called a toad house - but we have none to speak of here.  I used moss and 'twig wire' from the floral department to add some personality to the house.  I made tiny windchimes out of jewelry findings, as well as a garden gazing ball. 

The fairies must love it because everything has been growing like crazy.. including several types of mushrooms that we have never seem before.  Here's what it looked like from the store:

In the garden:
I added a bench in order for them to fully enjoy the gazing ball...
And finally... a close up of the wind chimes, my personal favorite as we have several serious wind chimes hanging about our house too.

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