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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pretty Little Dolly

I don't know why... but everytime I make this cute little bassinette bag I think of the crazy christmas song by Mona Abboud - Pretty Little Dolly.  (If you haven't heard it, it's currently available on a Dr. Demento cd)  It reminds me of the days when all I wanted was the latest and greatest toy.  Advertising is a wondrous thing... but that's another christmas song by Tom Lehrer (and yet another Dr. Demento cd).

Every little girl has a favorite snuggly toy.  Sometimes it's a doll, a stuffed animal, or a favorite blanket, it doesn't matter - they all serve the same purpose, to bring security in an insecure world.  This bag allows little girls to bring a little of that security along with them as they run errands or go on visits.

It's about eight inches long and about 4 inches wide when folded out like a bassinette.  Handles are long enough to be worn like a shoulder bag when folded up.  It's a little hard to believe until you see it, but basically, you just loosen the drawstrings and roll the top edge of the bag out and down to reveal the bassinette hidden inside the bag.  It even comes with a little blanket to keep baby nice and cozy.


  1. Margaret still has her's ... somewhere....

  2. Would you like the pattern Amanda? It is a quick one!

  3. What a lovely idea for a little girl. For some reason Ujjwal is very fascinated with the picture and is asking again and again to see it. LOL!

  4. How funny! *waves* hi Ujjwal!

  5. OOOHHHH!!!!! COOL! I love it, I especially love the muppets baby...

  6. Recognize her? :oP Glad you found this cause it's hard to explain without the pictures!