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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Grannee's locket

This locket was always one of my favorite pieces of "Grannee" Leila's collection. I put several of her necklaces together to make this one long enough to wear. It is symbolic for me of my restringing project in general. Leila passed away just after my 3rd birthday, so I have few memories of her in person, but always loved the jewelry and china she left to me.

I have lots of fantastic memories of "Gam", my maternal grandmother Ruth. We were lucky enough to have her share vacations and lots of visits with us. Many of my 'souvenir' jewelry pieces were gifts from Gam.
In light of these connections I thought it was appropriate to put their photos in the locket (which has always been empty to my knowledge). I wore the locket to a family picnic on Mother's Day - it was really nice to have them with me.


  1. I love lockets...something mysterious about them :-)). And that's a lovely necklace!

  2. I always though the same thing! I will have to show this one to you in person someday... it has several different types of metals and tiny inlaid pearls. really unusual.