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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Old jewelry and old memories

A few months ago, after a visit from my friend Swati... I got to thinking about jewelry. You see, she is quite talented at making jewelry and I think of her as an artist. I can be 'crafty' and I can figure out how to make a lot of things, but there is a little extra 'something' that true artists have... you can see Swati's artistry at http://fleurviolettejewelry.blogspot.com/

Anyway... thinking along as I do... about jewelry and why I don't wear it anymore. I used to love playing dress up with my grandmother's costume jewelry. I was certain that when I grew up, I would wear the Hawaiian sunset earrings on my honeymoon - in Hawaii of course. I would wear the lacey gold cuff bracelet, and the pearl beads... oh yes, I would wear them all!!! Ok, maybe not those weird black ones that look like rabbit poop. When I was an adult, I had an argument with my Dad and he asked me to return my grandmother's jewelry. It wasn't that it had any value to anyone but me, but it was a point he wanted to make. I got most of the jewelry back some years later, but it just sat on the closet shelf.
Whenever we went on trips, I always loved the idea of souvenir jewelry. My maternal grandmother gave me several such souvenirs. As an adult I saw so many cute pendants or earrings to remind me of the places I've been. Some I even purchased, but I rarely wore them. They too sat on the shelf.

My enjoyment of Swati's artistry and some of our conversations really got me thinking about my attitude toward jewelry - wanting it but not wearing it. Why was that?! I realized I had a couple of issues... money and comfort. I am simply uncomfortable wearing something expensive, being afraid I would break or lose it completely. I had to really think about how expensive is 'too expensive' for me to wear without worry. I came up with a number that works for me... and let's just say you won't find me sporting diamond encrusted anything any time soon!

My second major issue was comfort, physical comfort. I realized that I had made several adjustments to what I wear, like buying men's jeans because they have longer inseams (try finding a 40" inseam... I dare ya!). Why wouldn't I also do that with my jewelry? Of course! a 16" chain barely closes around my neck. I need something longer.

I pulled out a lifetime's worth of jewelry and stared at it. Cutting the first thread would be the hardest, so I began with the strands already broken. I was convinced my grandmother would rather I have fun with her old jewelry than leave it collecting dust. I was ripping things apart and before I knew it my mind was racing with possibilities.

I ended up with well over a dozen new pieces that I could actually wear and feel comfortable in! Not only that, each piece still has the old memories attached to it although now I can enjoy reliving them more often.


  1. Those are awesome Jen! Would love to see your work individually too from now...like you did with the locket above :-D.

  2. Thanks! I have some others to post yet...